For the past week I’ve received a number of emails from friends, relatives and even clients asking me what I think about the election, and what impact a President Trump will have on the small business community…
Caution:  Put your “emotions” in your back pocket just long enough to read this…

Regardless of who you voted for , every business owner and consultant needs to recognize that Trump’s approach to marketing his campaign was revolutionary... There are some big lessons to be learned by Trump’s  genius marketing and how you will want to sit up and take notice , and maybe discover WHAT you’ve been doing wrong the past couple years.  


First, a few facts about Trump 21st Century Miracle?:

  • First and foremost was, Trump understood the power of an unrelenting USP (Universal Selling Proposition), aka an Elevator Pitch.  How many times did you hear Trump’s election slogan? We all know it by heart.  Now ask yourself, (without Google’ing it) , what was Hillary’s? 
  • Trump spent less than half as much money as Clinton on his campaign
  • Clinton’s campaign showed 651 paid staffers in June, while Trump only had 68 people on staff
  • Nearly EVERY poll showed Clinton had a 5-6 point lead on Trump not to mention an “impossible path” to an electoral win.
  • On the day before the election, CNN’s “Political Prediction Market”  gave Hillary a 91% chance of winning while the NY Times had an 85% Hillary prediction. .
  • Trump’s message was incessantly condemned by an undeniable, overwhelming  hostile media, a relatively popular adversarial sitting president and two political dynasties.

Despite all this, love him or hate him, Donald Trump is the next president of the United States. 

Now looking at Trump’s campaign as a business owner or marketing professional, there are a few critical things that should grab your attention!…:

1).  More than any other candidate in history (even Obama), Trump took full advantage of social media – Daily, often highly charged  use of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube where his video got 9 million views in one week, Free of charge !..(did he know exactly what he was doing all the time?)… His most controversial tweets and Facebook posts would get re-tweeted millions of times by both his supporters and his haters. All the News networks would publish his twitter activity constantly, to the point where they actually waited in anticipation for his next Tweet…, all free exposure for his message. Trump took full advantage of the ‘new media’ and got his message out there at a fraction of the cost of Clinton’s old school media buying strategy.

2). Trump built a MASSIVE email list that raised millions of dollars for his campaign and gave HIM control over the narrative and often slanted media bias reporting. –  Have you ever heard the “Money is in the list?”.   If the answer is no , you may be in dire need of CPR for your business !
I followed both candidates …. And I received twice as many emails from Trump as I have Hillary. All of his emails are written to a single person as an old-school sales letter with his name at the bottom. This frequency of contact and personal touch are email marketing basics. 

3). Trump controlled the narrative and his Reputation Management. with 95% of the media against him.   He built such massive loyal audience, it took the steam out of a traditionally over powering media..  and single handedly inflicted damage to an already distrustful media.

Quick story:  About six years ago a rogue competitor of my online retail business went online and wrote completely fabricated , malicious online reviews about me on websites that allow “slander”.  However, my customers didn’t know that these were fake reviews. 
But, because I had built an email list of over 4000 current and future customers, I was able to Control the “attack” from this unscrupulous competitor by writing a detailed explanation and sending it to them.  That’s exactly what Trump did.  When the media or his political opponents focused on negative or even fabricated stories, he was able to defend himself directly with his audience which comprised over 40 million in Twitter and Facebook.  All because he did his homework beforehand and built his “list”.  ,  In today’s ecommerce dominated world, your “List” is more valuable than the real estate that supports your business.

So now, what about You?
If you’ve resisted investing in a serious social media strategy,  now may be the time to Welcome this powerful tool into your business marketing strategy. 

FIRST, seriously rethink Your USP.  Can you recite it NOW?  At a party or in an elevator? Don’t have one? We can help write one for you…

Next, if you Don’t have social media profiles and/or Business pages for Facebook and Linkedin, we will set one up for you for Free

If you DO have Facebook and LinkedIn Business pages,  let us show you how to turn them into Client/Customer Collecting Magnets with assets you are most likely not using.  ->> In particular,  a demo on how highly targeted VIDEO can dramatically enhance your social media and business visibility will be the best ten minutes you invested this year!

And most importantly, use these social media weapons and tools to build your most valuable business asset, your “List” of customers and prospects (those looking for a reason to do business with you).  

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